Can you really make money doing online surveys?

• Date: 4th May

• Time: 7:30pm

• Location: Back on the couch

• Money made thus far —–drumroll—– $10 (kinda)

Hey guys, so I just thought I’d start with a thankyou, thankyou for all your congratulations I can feel you sending me. I know right? I’ve made it, my hard work has paid off, Yes you read it right, little old me has managed to earn 10 whole buckaroonies, 10 dollerose, 10 smackers. Well sort of..

Let me explain. In my search for a better way I came across these things called online surveys. Whats an online survey you ask? Well its quite simple really. There is a crap tonne of websites out there that pay you to fill in surveys. These surveys are usually tailored to your interests or lifestyle, and for your time you are rewarded “coins”. Pretty much anyone can sign up to these sites and receive a variety of surveys almost instantly. Survey times vary between 1 to 60 minutes (at least that’s the longest one I’ve come across) and you get rewarded a certain amount of “coins” which will be stated before you start the survey. Sounds pretty good right? Some would say maybe even to good to be true? Well sadly you would be right.

Now don’t get me wrong you can absolutely make money doing this. The catch is that you’d get an average of $6-8 dollars an hour (if your lucky) The average 20 minute survey will get you 1000 coins (depending on the site) and this will transfer to around 2 actual dollars. You can choose to get paid via paypal or just use your points to buy gift cards. Even though doing this wont get you a whole lot of money, maybe it’s still worth doing surveys in your spare time if you’re looking for extra income. When signing up to these sites they say that experienced surveyors and ones with good survey history will get chosen to do surveys that let you earn more money, so if you keep at it you may be able to turn it into a more steady income.

However the downsides are that it is very time consuming and with the rewards being minimal it’s not so appealing. Also I’ve found the surveys to be very tedious, this might just be due to my poor attention span but usually by the end of the survey I give up and just start answering the question randomly which will absolutly affect my survey rating but by this stage I honestly don’t care and start wondering why I even bothered doing the stupid survey to start with. However you may have a different experience. So if you think you’ve got what it takes I present you a list of the best survey sites:


• Valued opinions

• My survey

• Opinion place

• Taluna

• VIP voice

• Pinecorner research

• Swagbucks (for some reason they wont let me sign up! It keeps saying my account has been deactivated but wont let me make a new one!) but they still make my list because they have really good reviews.

I personally have signed up to Taluna, Valued opinions and My survey. They were all relatively easy to sign up to. All it took was a quick questionnaire and confirmation email. However Valued Opinions and Taluna both have starter surveys about yourself. I spent a good 30 minutes answering all the personal survey questions for Valued Opinions (30 mins is a loooong time in survey world). Talunas personal survey questions I’ve never been able to answer because the stupid website doesn’t work properly and will never load the questions (but this could be due to the shitty computer I have).

If you are seriously considering this whole online surevey thing you must check out this The Hidden SECRETS to Making the Most MONEY with Paid Surveys. One of the most honest and white-hated offers in the network. This 60 page of ebook, “Paid Survey Secrets” is written by Pei Morrone, a successful business owner (an MBA in Entrepreneurship) who knows the paid survey system INSIDE OUT. I have heard amazing thing about this ebook!

I’ve spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes on surveys both on Valued Opinions and Taluna but have only acquired enough points combined to make $10. In conclusion I hate the surveys and defiantly wouldn’t be able to do them long enough to make a living but for now I will struggle through dedicating a portion of my spare time to being the best damn internet surveyor you have ever seen!!! Watch this space people I’m just get started.

Until you read the words I type again, Goodbye.