The Beginning

• Date: 26th April

• Location: On my couch

• Time: 6.30pm (told my 6-year-old it was 7 to get him in bed early #winning)

Ok so here goes, hi my name is Samantha and as of today I have decided to explore the possibility of working online and earn enough money to support my family and to quit my day job. After a bit of research I came across blogging. Now I’ve never considered myself a writer/blogger/person who people find really interesting but I thought hey why not give it a crack? I can blog about my journey, and hopefully help some like-minded people out there while also making more money muahahaha.
A bit about myself first, I live in a Christchurch a city in New Zealand (I was going to say small city but in NZ its considered large), I’m 26 years young and live with my partner Sam (yes i know Sam and Sam haha) and our….. incredibly energetic 6-year-old son Marcus. We have two cats, two fish and two snails. We live a good life, we don’t starve or struggle, we have enough money to get by comfortably from week to week. I manage at cafe at Ballantynes (very fancy rich people shop) and my partner Sam is a qualified Electrician who works in his spare time for himself. We have been together since we were about 16ish (didn’t take much notice at the time because I didnt think we would be together this long) so about 10 years. We have always hated the mundane view that some people have on life, people say “you better get used to working you’ll be doing 40 hours most your life” or “can’t you just be happy with what you’ve got, your lucky”. Now I understand that the life we are living now is a great one and for some people it would be enough, but we are not some people. Are you some people? If so some may call us greedy for wanting more but frankly I dont care and neither should you. You only live once, why no try for something better, be your own boss
To sum it up the dream is to slowly and steadily try to earn enough money online to eventually equal what I make with my day job, then quit!! If all goes well Sam will be able to follow suit, then once we are free from our day jobs the real adventure starts. We will travel the world, make amazing memory’s, tick off the bucket list, eat amazing food, sing be happy be merry, this is all only possible however if I manage to pull it off, I will blog every few days to give an update on my progress (hopefully there will be some) and I hope that throughout this journey I can help or inspire other like-minded people to take the plunge. So enough talking about it time to research the best ways to make money on the line (bear in mind my kitchen rules will be playing in the background). Wish me luck!
Until we meet again
Peace out
p.s. I promise my next blog may have some actual useful information.

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